Sales Effectiveness Training Program

Jernas enhances the effectiveness of your sales force by establishing a continuous learning environment.

Jernas is a global sales training company specializing in sales effectiveness consulting and assessments. Our methodology is deeply collaborative and centered on facilitating optimal sales activities and meaningful customer dialogues. Leveraging our Sales Effectiveness System™, we contribute to enhancing your sales results. Our approach is structured in three key ways to establish a continuous loop of learning and performance development:

  • At Jernas, we diagnose and assess the talent and structure of your sales force.
  • We develop and suggest customized solutions that leverage our building block sales training curriculum.
  • We reinforce learning to drive behavior change through coaching and digital learning sustainment tools.

Flexible Approach 

Our sales effectiveness training offers a flexible approach, with each component – Define – Develop – Drive – being deployable individually or collectively for a comprehensive solution. Given the extensive range of our curriculum and tools, we can assist you incrementally, addressing one aspect at a time. This allows us to focus on your most significant opportunity for sales improvement and address priority areas first.

  • Lead generation?
  • Consistent selling process?
  • Opportunity management?
  • On-boarding?
  • Account development?
  • General selling dialogue skills?
  • Advanced insight creation and delivery?

Whatever it is, Jernas can help your sales force become more efficient and get the results you want. We bring all of this together by customizing your solution to the deepest levels in the industry for maximum relevance to your business. For more information, please get in touch with us today, or click here to download the Sales Effectiveness System Curriculum map to see our full suite of services and curriculum.