Establishing a Culture of Continuous Learning

Conducting sales training periodically or as a standalone event is no longer sufficient. Companies must foster a culture of continuous learning, actively creating, building, and sustaining it to enhance organizational performance. Progressive organizations embracing a robust continuous learning culture are demonstrating substantial outperformance compared to their peers in various areas:

More likely to develop innovative products and processes 92%
Increased employee productivity 52%
Enhanced response to customer needs 53%

Continuous Learning Improvement Collaborations

At Jernas, we aim to collaborate with you in developing continuous learning solutions that instigate behavioral change, enhance the effectiveness of your sales organization, and foster a sustained commitment to a methodology of continuous improvement. Drawing on over 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest sales teams and highly successful sales organizations, our continuous learning model is rooted in the belief that a robust continuous learning approach begins with the right mindset, culture, and a genuine understanding of your needs and learning environment.

We meticulously attend to all phases of the learning process—before, during, and after—constantly strategizing and identifying opportunities to reinforce, develop, and apply knowledge. This approach is designed to empower your learners to elevate their skills, ultimately assisting you in achieving the highest returns on investment. The three pillars of our continuous learning model encompass:

Partner Mindset

  • At Jernas, our approach involves thinking and behaving like the head of sales, aiming to assist you in increasing revenue in both the short and long term. We recognize that you face the challenge of not only focusing on immediate concerns but also planning for the future. Your commitment to a continuous, long-term improvement strategy for your sales organizations is acknowledged, and we aspire to be an integral part of that team.
  • We consider it our duty to challenge your thinking when necessary, urging you to prioritize continuous improvements over one-time events.
  • Our mindset remains flexible and agile, enabling us to meet you at your current stage and provide solutions that evolve and adapt alongside your organization’s growth and changes.

Best Practices Contribution

  • Leveraging our extensive reach and depth across industries provides us with a distinctive viewpoint. We not only offer best practices in salesforce development but also identify the most significant obstacles to achieving long-term, sustained improvement. Our subject matter experts and world-class facilitators apply this unique perspective in the services we provide and the conversations we engage in.
  • Attaining optimal performance requires a seamless connection between your sales and learning teams. We possess profound expertise in both sales and learning, with a crucial focus on establishing and sustaining the connection between these two functions in a performance-driven effort.
  • Our approach brings a unique perspective to the delivery of training solutions, fostering a culture of continuous development and learning that extends indefinitely.

Actionable Front-line Intelligence and Insight

  • Understanding what is effective and what needs improvement in the field is essential for continuous enhancement. Through our hands-on engagement with your sales organization, we gain a comprehensive understanding of frontline operations. Our facilitators, who are experienced sales managers and coaches, spend extended periods connecting with each sales representative. They provide real-time coaching on actual deals, allowing us to channel this wealth of intelligence back to you and your executive teams. This offers a clear view of the field, going beyond assessing the skills your team has or requires, including potential obstacles. This empowers sales and learning leaders like yourself to make informed decisions about the next crucial improvements, maximizing returns on investment.
  • Complementing our qualitative insights, we offer substantial quantitative data and analytics through our assessment and measurement tools and services. Our Client Analytics team collaborates with you to depict the story of your sales organization’s skill levels, adoption, engagement, and performance. The goal is not only to evaluate the impact of the learning intervention but also to enable leaders to augment and refine the overall intervention as needed. When combined with the qualitative insights from our field experts, this data provides a real-time assessment of the state of your most valuable asset—the sales team—and guides informed decisions for both short and long-term performance improvement.