Consultative Selling Skills offers a robust framework for achieving success through thoughtful, needs-based dialogues.

Critical Issues Facing Sales:

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of sales calls with clients to maximize productivity.
  • Sellers should engage informed buyers with insightful contributions that enrich the conversation.
  • Uncovering client needs and skillfully aligning them persuasively with proposed solutions.
  • Addressing objections and resistance in a manner that prioritizes the client’s perspective.
  • Concluding negotiations with efficiency and impact to propel the deal forward.

 Jernas’s Consultative Selling Skills empower sales professionals to execute their sales conversations effectively.

Jernas’s Consultative Selling Skills solutions offer a comprehensive examination of the essential structure of sales calls or client meetings, presenting a robust roadmap for successful, need-based dialogues. The program equips participants with two key tools for navigating the sales landscape: the Consultative Selling Framework and Cosine’s Six Critical Skills. These tools enable sales professionals at all levels to enhance the execution of their sales conversations. The Consultative Selling Framework furnishes salespeople with a consistent, repeatable process for conducting effective sales dialogues, while the Six Critical Skills complement and bolster the Framework. This synergy empowers salespeople to leverage their technical expertise, effectively utilize a range of sales skills, and achieve success in opening doors, understanding client needs, and closing deals more proficiently.”

  • Significantly enhance the efficacy of sales calls through the implementation of organizational-wide consistency and discipline in the preparation, structure, and execution of sales engagements.
  • Boost revenue and overall business performance by elevating the close ratios for new clients and facilitating the expansion of business with existing clients.
  • Integrate a consultative process, refined language, and structured approach into the universal attribute of communication shared by every salesperson in your organization, thereby optimizing the execution of a more refined and effective sales call.
  • Cultivate proficiency in building rapport during sales interactions to foster an environment where clients feel compelled to openly and honestly share crucial information about their needs, competitors, pricing, decision criteria, and other essential factors influencing business success.
  • Implement a strategic questioning strategy to uncover client needs more effectively, facilitating a client-focused product positioning approach.
  • Utilize a four-step model for objection resolution, ensuring a systematic and comprehensive approach to handling any challenges that may arise.
  • Enhance confidence in soliciting business by adopting a more assertive approach to asking for commitments and closing deals.

Similar to all of Jernas’s sales training programs, the content for consultative selling training is meticulously tailored to accommodate individuals at any level, ranging from novices to seasoned sales professionals, their managers, and executive leadership.

Available through one- or two-day classroom sessions (led by Jernas or train-the-trainer), online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinars, a diverse range of pertinent books and support materials are also provided to reinforce and sustain learning.