Sales Negotiation Training Program is designed to cultivate essential skills for successful negotiation.

Jernas’s Sales Negotiation Training Provides the Skills to Negotiate Win-win Deals and Strengthen Long-term Relationships

  • Elevate the efficacy of negotiations with clients to enhance productivity.
  • Uncover the complete spectrum of terms and conditions relevant to the client.
  • Articulate and substantiate the value inherent in your solution for the client.
  • Engage in logical trade-offs with the client to maintain control of the negotiation process.
  • Address pricing objections and resistance in a client-centric manner without making unwarranted concessions.
  • Gain insight into procurement’s motivations and strategies to collaborate more effectively with strategic purchasers.

Jernas’s Consultative Sales Negotiation Training Programs equip participants with the process, skills, and tools needed to negotiate mutually beneficial deals, fortify long-term relationships, and maximize value. The training instills a Negotiating Framework, guiding participants through the entire dialogue, from Preparation to Close. It enhances their ability to align with the client’s perspective strategically, converting demands into needs. Participants also develop proficiency in probing deeply to comprehend the client’s priorities and personal agenda. Once these needs are identified, Value Justification is employed to establish worth, creating a win-win outcome without compromising concessions.

  • Cultivate more lucrative client relationships.
  • Foster increased trust and client loyalty, solidifying your position to secure future opportunities.
  • Capture fees that have traditionally been overlooked.
  • Navigate fee discount pressures, particularly in challenging economic conditions.
  • Apply a standardized Negotiating Framework and associated skills to proficiently navigate, lead, and successfully conclude win-win negotiation dialogues at each phase of the sales process.
  • Differentiate between selling and negotiating, optimizing the potential of both.
  • Enhance proficiency in addressing price resistance and handling objections.
  • Creatively transform client demands into discerned needs.
  • Strengthen the presentation of your value proposition and convince clients of the benefits of making concessions.
  • Conclude negotiations in a manner that sustains momentum, solidifies achievements, and sets the stage for a seamless and successful project implementation.

Similar to many of our sales training initiatives, the content for negotiation training is tailored to accommodate individuals at any level, spanning from novices to seasoned sales professionals, their managers, and executive leadership.

Accessible through one day of classroom delivery (led by Cosine or via train-the-trainer), online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinars, a diverse range of relevant books and support materials are also provided to reinforce and sustain learning.