Our Sales Coaching Training Program transforms the traditional role of a sales manager

Critical Issues Facing Managers in Sales Coaching:

  • Establishing a culture of coaching across the entire organization to enhance business performance.
  • Enhancing the capacity to achieve measurable business goals and effect behavioral change through the establishment of a disciplined approach to “everyday coaching.”
  • Elevating sales outcomes and meeting business objectives by cultivating the singularly most competitive skill an organization can possess.

Jernas’s sales coaching training solutions promptly provide managers with the processes and skills they can implement to assist their salespeople in achieving a higher level of performance.

Jernas’s Developmental Sales Coaching Program revolutionizes the conventional role of a sales manager, shifting from a position of authority to that of a coach. Utilizing a four-part framework, sales managers are trained to offer more than just periodic evaluative performance reviews, instead providing daily developmental feedback directly tied to achieving business objectives. Through highly customized scenarios, sales managers practice a pivotal skill at the core of Developmental Sales Coaching—”let them talk first.” In essence, rather than instructing salespeople, a developmental coach employs a strategic process and questioning skills to assist sales teams in uncovering obstacles and devising their solutions.

The outcome for the sales team is a more intelligent and skilled group capable of self-coaching, independently meeting business goals, and allowing sales managers to allocate more time to other critical priorities. Simultaneously, the impact for the organization is the cultivation of a culture that actively seeks and values feedback as an integral part of everyday business.

  • Acquire proficiency in a Developmental Sales Coaching Framework to initiate a coaching dialogue adeptly, inquire about perceptions and needs, identify obstacles, formulate solutions, and bring the conversation to a productive close.
  • Foster a culture that embraces and flourishes through feedback.
  • Realign the perception of the role of sales managers—shifting from administrative task managers to esteemed resources who prioritize “development” over instruction and cultivate impactful, incremental behavioral change.

Our Sales Coaching Solutions and programs are highly customized to any level, from new to experienced sales managers.

Accessible through classroom sessions ranging from half a day to two days (led by Jernas or via train-the-trainer), online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinars, a diverse range of relevant books and support materials are also provided to reinforce and sustain learning.