Leaders consistently direct their gaze toward the future.

Over 14 years ago, CK Training, our company’s namesake, introduced a groundbreaking sales training program designed for businesses of all scales. Today, our established sales training initiative has positioned us as a leader in sales and management training, with a widespread presence across Asia, the GCC Region, and globally through numerous training centers.
Despite the dynamic changes in the business landscape since our inception, Jernas Training has consistently remained at the forefront. Under the guidance of Dr. K. Anwer, Founder/CEO, Jernas Training remains committed to innovation. In alignment with this commitment, we have recently introduced online reinforcement tools to complement our traditional face-to-face training. This marks the beginning of a continued integration of online reinforcement, learning management, and expanded mobile accessibility.
Through our distinctive reinforcement model, Franchise Owners play a pivotal role in assisting businesses in gaining a competitive edge. They contribute to the development of highly skilled sales teams and foster excellence in management and leadership.

  • 2000

    Dr K Anwer developed the CK Selling System® methodology and created the concept of ‘reinforcement training’ to support it.

  • Early 2004

    Dr K. Anwer went on to create a series of proven sales training programs for small- and mid-sized companies as well as Fortune 500 corporations.

  • 2010

    Dr K Anwer expanded the training into a Franchising operation known as the CK Training Institute of Excellence®.

  • 2020

    The company’s name was changed to Jernas Training® to more accurately reflect the diversity of our training offerings, which have expanded beyond sales training to include management, leadership, negotiating skills, customer service, executive coaching and mentoring.

  • Today

    Jernas Training is an organization with a rich history that dominates the global training market. We have more than 5 offices worldwide, providing instruction in different.