High-performance selling achieves results by leveraging sales process, deal strategy, and effective dialogue skills.

Critical Issues Facing Sales:

  • Enhanced alignment with the evolving buying patterns of your customers.
  • Heightened consistency in both process and skills for identifying “winnable” opportunities.
  • Improved visibility into the sales pipeline and increased accuracy of forecasts.
  • Strengthened dialogue skills aimed at uncovering the client’s challenging issues.
  • Expansion of existing relationships by reaching out to new decision-makers.

Jernas’s High-Performance Selling instigates behavior change and expedites business results.

Jernas’s High-Performance Selling, – Training Program integrates a leading selling methodology with established and impactful sales training to assist businesses in revolutionizing their sales force strategies. HPS is founded on three key organizing principles:

  • Success in sales necessitates the integration of sales process, deal strategy, and exceptional dialogue skills by salespeople.
  • Salespeople require tools seamlessly integrated into their workflow to facilitate the adoption of sales processes and strategies.
  • Effective sales processes are characterized by leading indicators—verifiable outcomes at each stage aligning with customer buying behavior rather than sales representative behavior.

The High-Performance Selling solution tackles the challenges presented by a demanding and competitive selling environment, where customers seek increased value, speed, and control over the process. The HPS solution comprises five essential components, each of which can be implemented independently or as part of a comprehensive, holistic performance improvement solution. These components are:

  • Sales Process Consulting (incorporating the identification of verifiable outcomes)
  • High-Performance Selling Skills Diagnostic
  • Highly Interactive, Customized Training
  • CRM-embedded Tools
  • Coaching on Sales Process, Deal Strategy, and Quality Customer Dialogues

The High-Performance Selling solution is a potent amalgamation of sales methodology, training, and sustainment designed to expedite behavioral change, resulting in heightened and consistent performance levels. This comprehensive approach empowers business-to-business sellers to discern additional opportunities within their current accounts and with prospective clients, equipping them with the tactics and strategy needed to pursue and secure competitive deals successfully.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be equipped to enhance their sales performance by:

  • Employing a client-focused approach to cultivate and broaden client relationships, harness internal resources, and improve sales outcomes.
  • Implementing a consistent and replicable sales process founded on successful practices to boost selling efficiency and enhance opportunity forecasting.
  • Acquiring a method for assessing the appropriate stage for each opportunity within the sales process.
  • Identifying strategic decision points within the sales process for informed decision-making.
  • Advancing dialogue skills to uncover challenging client issues and effectively communicate the positive business impact of the company’s solutions.
  • Discerning and tailoring communication of the company’s value based on the unique values of different stakeholders.
  • Broadening existing relationships by connecting with new decision-makers.
  • Leveraging tools that augment the selling process, facilitate strategic decision-making, and enhance client dialogues.
  • Cultivating feedback and self-coaching skills to ensure continuous personal and professional development.

Instructor-led stand-alone classroom, Blended, eLearning, webinar, Train-the-Trainer

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