Jernas’s Trusted Advisor Training Program imparts the skills necessary to cultivate trust and preference.

Critical Issues Facing Sales Professionals and Managers

  • Engaging in elevated strategic discussions with senior-level clients.
  • Strengthening client loyalty and retention.
  • Reducing sales cycles and mitigating competitive threats.
  • Alleviating fee pressure while enhancing margins and profitability.
  • Attaining broader access and more effective cross-selling opportunities to expand relationships.

Jernas’s Trusted Advisor Sales Training

Jernas’s Trusted Advisor Training Program imparts a comprehensive five-part framework and the requisite skills to establish a trusted and preferred provider status with key accounts. The program guides participants in contemplating the characteristics of a trusted advisor, conducting self-assessment within the Client Relationship Pyramid, and studying the best practices of top-performing advisors.

Participants acquire the ability to engage in advanced-level conversations with clients regarding their present and future objectives, challenges, strategies, and opportunities. Subsequently, they learn to strategically formulate recommendations, position value, and showcase insight and technical expertise. Through hands-on practice in customized scenarios, participants develop and refine these strategies and create a tailored action plan for a priority relationship.

  • Utilize a shared language, framework, and process to cultivate trusted relationships, securing an invitation as a valued sounding board.
  • Enhance your ability to engage in deeper, more strategic client dialogues to unveil needs.
  • Develop the skills to position yourself and your team persuasively and proactively as a consistent source of ideas.
  • Employ a Relationship Planning tool and methodology for proactive daily action planning, optimizing the utilization of time and team resources.

The program content is tailored specifically for seasoned sales professionals, their managers, and senior executives.

The program is accessible through various formats, including one-day classroom delivery (led by Jernas Instructors or train-the-trainer), online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinars. Additionally, a diverse range of relevant books and support materials is available to reinforce and sustain learning.