Critical Issues Facing Sales Reps:

  • Differentiating and creating value in their selling efforts
  • Integrating the use of insights in customer dialogues
  • Crafting tailored insight messages

Enhance your sales effectiveness through the strategic application of insights.

Jernas’s Selling with Insights® program equips sales professionals with advanced skills to employ insights in their conversations with customers strategically. To adopt a business executive mindset and align their offerings with the customer’s overarching business concerns, sellers need to pinpoint potential gaps in the customer’s perspective where they can offer valuable insights. This program enhances their capacity to stand out as a distinctive point of contact, bringing forth pertinent insights and concepts to enhance the overall value of the buying experience, extending beyond the specific solution being delivered by the seller.

Jernas’s Selling with Insights® spans two days and encompasses pre- and post-session work, instructional sessions, planners, coaching, and a post-learning reinforcement tool called Jernas QuickCheck™. This program integrates Jernas’s established methodology, guiding sales representatives in systematically customizing and articulating impactful insights. These insights not only deliver value but also serve to distinguish your company from competitors.

The Jernas Selling with Insights Program will help your sales team members to:

  • Assist clients in validating, clarifying, enhancing, and reevaluating their approach to tackling business issues—both challenges and opportunities—with the aim of achieving their goals and objectives.
  • Stand out as a seller by adding personalized value to the client’s purchasing journey.
  • Spark interest in the seller’s capabilities.
  • Shape decision criteria to align with the seller’s unique competitive advantage.

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