Research Based Sales Training / Coaching / Consulting

At Jernas, our renowned reputation stems from equipping sales professionals with the insights necessary to excel in today’s intensely competitive sales landscape.
Jernas, headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a preeminent research-based firm specializing in sales training, coaching, and consulting. We are distinguished as a leader in merging established scientific principles with sales methodologies. Our approach draws from diverse scientific disciplines such as social psychology, communication theory, cognitive psychology, social neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, and behavioral economics. We distill repeatable and predictable scientific principles proven to wield influence from the confines of laboratories and academic journals and apply them directly to the field of sales.
Furthermore, our commitment to pioneering research is exemplified by our original scientific inquiry into the cognitive processes governing the human brain’s purchasing decisions. By dissecting this internal decision-making journey, we’ve articulated clear, manageable steps. This empowers sales professionals to align their approach with the innate wiring of their prospects’ brains, ensuring a sales strategy attuned to the fundamental principles that drive buying decisions.
In addition to our comprehensive research, our Consultative Selling Skills program offers an intricate yet robust roadmap, facilitating success through impactful, need-based dialogues.


We empower the foremost global enterprises to achieve consistent revenue growth and profitability by optimizing the performance of their sales organizations.

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JERNAS has worked with 55% of the Fortune 500
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Trained over 1,400 sales professionals worldwide
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Delivered programs in over 41 countries
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12 straight years as a top sales training organization

Why Are We Different?

Our clients express that we stand out for several significant reasons, including:

  • Interactive learning
  • Deep customization
  • Extensive curriculum
  • Industry specialization
  • Experienced and expert facilitators
  • Traditional and digital delivery modalities
  • Results in initiating and sustaining change through the organization

Jernas prioritizes the client and is driven by a mission to ensure your success. Collaborating closely with business and sales leaders, we strive to enhance performance and yield measurable outcomes. Our conviction extends beyond the mere delivery of capabilities and services; we are committed to taking ownership of results alongside our clients.

Our vision is to assist clients in reaching peak levels of sales and customer success by stimulating demand, securing opportunities, expanding accounts, and overseeing sales performance. This objective is pursued through a unified platform encompassing assessments and analytics, learning modules, and sales process playbooks. The Jaernas methodology facilitates a swifter and more triumphant execution of initiatives aimed at enhancing sales.

At Jernas, our core values prioritize honesty and integrity above all, with a strong emphasis on fostering loyalty among both customers and employees. Additionally, we are committed to giving back to our communities, striving to contribute to their improvement and create better places to live.